Raid Evolénard – FMV in the circle of the big ones

The Raid Evolénard won the Valais hydroelectric power plant operator “Les forces Motrices Valaisannes (FMV)” as a new main sponsor and will be called “Raid Evolénard – FMV” in the future. The organizers of the 2021 European Marathon Championships will also be part of the national Bike Marathon Classics race series and will remain part of the Garmin Bike Cup. The next staging of the Raid Evolenard will take place on June 19 in Evolène.

One year after the European Bike Marathon Championships, the organizers of the Raid Evolénard want to continue to offer attractive, high-quality mountain bike races for amateur and elite athletes. With the new title sponsor FMV, the OC team has found the ideal partner for the future.

“As organizers of the Raid Evolénard, we have been able to count on the support of FMV for a decade now. We have now been able to expand this fruitful partnership, which makes us very happy. After all, our organizations stand for the same values such as environmental protection and sustainability. The partnership allows us to continue and develop the race,” explains Stéphane Chevrier, new Co-President of Raid Evolénard – FMV.
Jérôme Bonvin, member of the management of FMV, emphasizes: “If we are guided by our own values, we are ready to make a long-term commitment. We have been supporting the Raid Evolénard for 10 years, and we are impressed every year by their professionalism. The will of the organizers has convinced us not only to grow this event on a sporting level, but also to put it at the service of the development of an entire region. This includes the promotion of a mobility that preserves resources, especially a practice of e-bike sport that is compatible with nature.”

Second stage of the Bike Marathon Classics

The entry into the Bike Marathon Classics, the reference series of the Swiss Bike Marathon sport, will also make the Raid Evolénard better known in the German-speaking part of Switzerland, where four of the six races will be held. Among the best marathon bikers in the country, the Raid Evolénard has already made a name for itself as the organizer of the 2021 European Championships, as well as the 2015 and 2016 Swiss Championships. Numerous bike marathon top riders praised the challenging and panoramic royal route, which leads over 62 kilometers and 2660 meters of altitude.
However, the organizers will also duly celebrate the athletes of the shorter distances. The race is still part of the Garmin Bike Cup.

Hobby athletes can continue to enjoy a more leisurely and sociable race format on the Valdor 24 km course.
In addition, there is a new team race. Here, two riders share the royal course. The highlight will be the final descent on a new section, which was raced for the first time at last year’s European Championships and is now part of the official course.

Children’s races still free of charge

Children can compete on various age-appropriate courses according to their level as part of the Raiffeisen Kids Cup. While the “cadets” start from Evolène, all other children begin their stint in the crowd-pleasing Hérens Arena in Les Haudères, where the finish of all other races is also located. Registration for children up to 15 years of age remains free of charge – and has been for 25 years! This shows the premise of the organizers, whose primary goal is to promote youth sports.

Online registrations are open until June 15. Participants who register by March 30 will benefit from a discount!