Key information regarding the Raiffeisen Kids Cup :

Date: Sunday 9th of June 2024

Starting time : from 1:15pm. For more information, please check the table at the bottom of this page.

Starting location : Les Haudères, Hérens Aréna

Welcome, registration and plate number : Evolène, Evolène Région Tourisme. Saturday from 4:30pm to 6:30pm and Sunday from 6:30 am to 8:30am. Onsite registration possible. For the kids, a race office will be open in Les Haudère on Saturday, from 12:00am to 1:00pm in the start area in Les Haudères.

Award ceremony : from 3:30 pm in Les Haudères

Race regulation : Wearing a helmet is mandatory.
UCI rules prevail.
Any image taken during the Raid Evolenard may be used for promotional purposes; if you do not accept this clause, please inform us in writing before the event at the following address: Raid Evolénard, Rte de Sion 27, 1983 Evolène.

No one starts for a last loop one the first participant crossed the finish line!

In case of dispute, the French version shall prevail.

Insurance : At the expense of each participant. The organization declines all responsibility in case of accident, fall, loss, theft, damage, etc…

Start Loop:

Just like in the World Cup, the journey of the kids in the Raid Evolénard will begin with a “start loop,” which aims to stretch the peloton before entering the first technical sections.

The start loop, which is 2 km long along the river, doesn’t present any particular difficulties, but be careful of the bridge crossings taken at full speed!

Technical loop:

The serious stuff begins with the entry into the main loop, which features three technical zones:

Zone 1: The Obstacle Course

Located on the grounds of former military barracks, the obstacle course offers small climbs and steep descents, as well as a slalom weaving between trees.

Zone 2: Mini-Rock Garden

Just like on World Cup circuits, there will be a small rock garden to navigate on the banks of the Borgne.

Zone 3: All for the Show!

Situated near the finish line and the spectators, this zone offers two options: a small drop or a bypass trail. Which choice will be faster?

1km Track Poussins:

The Poussins will get special treatment.

For them, there will be no start loop, but a round trip along the river before heading directly back to the arena, where they can, just like the older participants, put on a show in technical zone 3.

By taking the easy route, even the youngest participants will be able to tour the arena before crossing the finish line to the applause of the crowd.

If necessary, parents will be allowed to accompany participants in the Poussins category.

Categories and starting times:

CatégorieAnnée de naissanceDistanceDépartParcoursInscriptions
Mega garçons
2010-201110.6km13h15Start loop & 4 loopsgratuit
Mega filles2010-201110.6km13h15Start loop & 4 loopsgratuit
Rock garçons2012-20138.5km13h45Start loop & 3 loopsgratuit
Rock filles2012-20138.5km13h45Start loop & 3 loopsgratuit
Cross garcons
2014-20156.3km14h15Start loop & 2 loopsgratuit
Cross filles2014-20156.3km14h15Start loop & 2 loopsgratuit
Soft garçons2016-20174.2km14h35Start loop & 1 loopgratuit
Soft Filles2016-20174.2km14h35Start loop & 1 loopgratuit
Poussins garcons2018-20221km14h501 loopgratuit
Poussins filles
2018-20221km14h501 loopgratuit

Register early!

Registrations for the Raid Evolénard are open !

By registering until the end of March you will benefit:

  • A souvenir price (only for online registrations)
  • The provision of quality supplies on arrival