Spotlight on the 2024 edition of the Raid Evolénard FMV

The Evolénard Raid will take place this year on June 9th, a week earlier than usual. Like in 2023, the race will kick off the Bike Marathon Classics with routes of 24km, 35km, and 62km, as well as an e-bike competition! The race will be preceded on Saturday by the traditional Kids Coaching Day presented by Bons Sirops Morand, which will offer children the opportunity to improve their technique alongside champions!

By advancing the event by a week, the organizers of the Evolénard Raid primarily aim to avoid the third weekend of June, which over the years has become very busy with popular races in French-speaking Switzerland. This change should allow for a higher number of popular runners at the starting line, as they will have numerous options available. Firstly, there’s the Valdor course, accessible to all with its 24km distance and 800m elevation gain, providing a wonderful opportunity for beginners to test themselves in competition. Runners who don’t feel ready for this challenge will have a second option available with the e-bike race, covering 27km with a 1200m ascent.

The 35km route is the most popular race among West Bike Cup enthusiasts, which this year welcomes a new race with the introduction of the Open Bike! Therefore, West Bike Cup passports, available from March 5th, will be even more attractive!

The flagship category of the Evolénard Raid remains the marathon course of 62km, which will kick off the Bike Marathon Classics, a series of five races serving as the Swiss cup of the discipline. All routes share magnificent sections of single trails with breathtaking views of some of the most beautiful 4,000-meter peaks in the Alps.

Records to be beaten

Missed by 57 seconds of a record now worth 4000.-, Martin Fanger will be at the starting line again: “As long as I run, I will have this record in the back of my mind.” And he won’t be alone, as the triple winner of the event Urs Huber will also take up the same challenge, as well as Belgian champion Frans Claes who finished second in 2023. Among the women, Team Raid Evolénard’s runner Stefanie Zahno, coming off a magnificent 2023 season, hopes to shine on her home turf! However, she will face strong competition, especially from German champion Tanja Priller, and Swiss champion Irina Luetzelschwab, both of whom have already confirmed their presence.

A gesture for the environment

The organizers will make an effort this year to improve the environmental impact of the race. The main changes will be seen in the refreshment areas, where the main change will be the absence of water bottles and cups. Like in trail races and an increasing number of mountain bike races, runners will now have to take a few seconds to fill their own water bottles.

Something new for the kids.

The organizers of the Evolénard Raid will intensify collaboration with the Valais Cycling Federation with the aim of improving the organization of the Kids Coaching Day presented by Les Bons Sirops Morand on the eve of the race. The expertise of the federation’s instructors and the facilities provided will allow for activities that are better suited to the younger participants. As part of this collaboration, the organizers of the Evolénard Raid will also improve the courses of the Raiffeisen Kids Cup to make them more suitable for the younger generation. More technical sections will therefore be included in various parts of the courses, making the kids’ races even more spectacular.

Online registrations are open until June 5th. Participants who register before March 30th will receive a discount. Registrations will still be possible on-site on the day of the race, but without a souvenir prize!